«Only giving up is not an option. The only option you don’t have is giving up»

Workshop Leader, ACT


In school he was only seen as a disruption. Over the course of his school career he had 7 class conferences about his behavior. He was a part of our theatre group for 5 years. Once, when he saw old film clips of himself during a rehearsal from when he was 12 he shook his head and asked: «How did you guys put up with me back then?» Later he went on to complete his professional training as a male nurse earning the highest grade possible, a 1. Now he is a highly valued employee at the Berlin airport who is interculturally competent. Many of his colleagues envy him because of this gift.

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Das Glück kommt in der Probezeit, weil man frei ist. ACT-Workshops schaffen Freiräume für junge Menschen in Berlin.