ACT provides new impetus for lasting creative and participatory learning in schools. Its core aim is to promote rethinking education to achieve more individualized, participatory and cooperative learning.

The association’s work is based on a concept by Maike Plath. She developed her practical and influential concept while working as a subject and theatre teacher at lower secondary school in Berlin’s inner-city district of Neukölln. In 2013 she gave up her job as well as her status as a tenured civil servant and has since been active as one of ACT’s board members.

In 2015 ACT e.V. emerged from the association Mitspielgelegenheit e.V.

Mitspielgelegenheit e.V was founded in 2008 by actors Katharina Heth and Stefanie López. Within those 9 years they realized 145 sustainable projects with children and teenagers in Berlin.